Mohamed Dubo


Welcome to SOMINVEST. This is Somalia’s Investment Promotion Office which is dedicated to attracting innovative investments to Somalia. Our approach is long-term, strategic, and creative, with an emphasis on sustainable development.

SOMINVEST is working collaboratively on investment strategies to meet Somalia’s evolving economic recovery. We are keen to attract investments in diverse sectors of our economy that complement our strategic objectives and create value for our country and investors. We pride ourselves on expanding Somalia’s competitive sectors while identifying developing sectors potential for investment, reflecting changing needs locally and regionally.

Our dynamic investment promotion approach reflects a deep understanding of the needs of investors and Somalia’s business climate. Supported by a team of professionals, our review and evaluation process of potential investments applies best practice benchmarked at an international level. This disciplined approach has been key to delivering superior returns to both our foreign and domestic investors.

Our team of professionals and experts are dedicated to offering facilitation, entry and aftercare support to all investors. Our experts are progressive and forward-looking, showing concern especially for ensuring they exceed in delivering investor’s expectations through transparency and provision of information, efficiently.

Through our investment facilitation section, the team is dedicated to providing support on administrative procedures for investors along with policy advocacy for enhanced predictability and stability of the policy environment for investors.

SOMINVEST is aware of the nature of the challenges experienced by the regional markets and believes that investment in these markets will contribute towards the economic integration of countries in the region and foster development.

We look forward to continued growth through exciting new opportunities both locally, regionally and globally.

Mohamed Dubo


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