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Somalia offers variety and wide-ranging tourism sites had been developed ranging from inland location, beaches and wildlife. The tourism department at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism has begun reviving some of the key tourism sites of the country.

Recently, a new Tourism Policy has been developed by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. This policy specifies the overall management and revival of the tourism industry consulting with all the stakeholders including the private sector and federal member states.

The vision of the National Tourism Policy is “Somalia hosts international tourists in the year 2030” which means the country has to reach a level of recognition for tourism in Africa.

The Department of Tourism plans a wide-range stakeholder consultations to jointly re-establish tourism destinations across the country which will attract International Tourists in accordance with the National Development Plan (NDP), which identifies the need for Somalia’s economic growth, improving employment condition, fighting poverty and income generation with equality of the regions in the country and generally the improving the economy of the country.

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