ICT/Digital Economy Sector​

The ICT sector and broadband connectivity in Somalia are underway

Technology Sector​

Somalia’s telecommunication sector boasts cutting-edge technologies, a mushrooming of wireless solutions and the lowest calling rates in the region.

One of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. Private operators have emerged to meet the high demand for critical communications services. The sector now accounts for up to 11% of GDP (or around USD1M). The sector plays a significant role in rebuilding the Somali economy.

Costs are generally lower than in other East African countries such as Djibouti and Ethiopia, and mobile penetration is greater than in Djibouti. Somalia’s large international diaspora has contributed to the growth of the ICT sector, since Somalis abroad seek ways to stay in contact with their families.

Investment Opportunities in Technology:

Market for mobile money services

Investments inI.T. Enabled Services

Broadband services

Data Storages

Software and hardware development

The ability to develop ICT in enterprises and schools for better competitiveness


ICT consultancy services

Investments in R&D facilities

Investments in Artificial Intelligence


Science and technology learning centers

Investments inwide range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Investments in diversification of Fibre Optic cables

Investments in Knowledge based ICT services

Metro development for the fibre optic to major towns and cities

High-speed internet for which the market is still unexploited

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