Manufacturing Sector​

The modest Manufacturing based on the processing of agricultural products

Manufacturing Sector​

Manufacturing sector is one of the crucial sectors, the Federal Government of Somalia is promoting in order to realize significant export volumes, create more jobs and make the concept of ‘Made in Somalia’ a reality. Locally manufactured goods should be competitive and offer additional value in order to increase local consumption.

Somalia is currently an import dependent as per the below illustration. Most of the imports are food related items which is local produced but lack processing and manufacturing elements. Substantial investments are needed in order to reduce this import/export imbalance while potentially increasing export once local demand is met. Manufacturing will eventually transition Somalia from an agriculture-based economy to a more resilient and stable industry-based economy with potential diversification to the service-based economy. Currently, a number of global brands did set shop in Somalia including: Coke Cola, Toyota, Hyundai automobiles, Albayrak, Favori, AR International among others.

Investment Opportunities IN MANUFACTURING:

Investments in special Economic Zones

Investments in Industrial parks

Investments in Fish Processing Zones

Investments in Hides and skins processing plants

Investments in Paper Mills

Investments in Fruit Concentrates facilities

Packaging Manufacturing

Logistics, Parcel Delivery and Courier Services

Business System Support- Manufacturing Process

Investments in Warehousing facilities

Investments in Industrial labor Training and Management

Industrial Engineering and Maintenance

Investments in Production of casting sand/Moulding

Investments in Industrial tools


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